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Sportz Air Mattress

Sportz Air Mattress

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Wake up from the nightmare of spending sleepless nights away from your bed. The comfortable Sportz Air Mattress will have you sawing logs in complete comfort while you're camping in the great outdoors. This air mattress is a custom size designed to fit perfectly in your truck or SUV. Don't worry about packing a pump or locating power to inflate this mattress - the Sportz Air Mattress FEATURES a built-in, hand-powered air pump.

  • Custom size air mattress (larger than a twin, smaller than a double) to fit perfectly in your truck or SUV
  • Fits in between the wheel wells of most pick-ups (does not go around wheel wells)
  • Built-in hand pump quickly inflates the mattress without the need for external power
  • Large side valve for quick deflation
  • Soft flocked top keeps your sleeping bag from sliding off
  • Versatile for outdoor and indoor use

Do you need an air mattress pump to inflate the air mattress?
No, there is a built in hand pump in the air mattress.

Does the air mattress cover the wheel wells?
No, the air mattress is designed to fit in between the wheel wells of the truck.

Fitment Information

Additional Information

Specifications Dimensions: 75" x 47" x 5"
Weight: 12 lbs
Material: Durable, heavy-duty vinyl construction